09 March, 2011

What are File Folder Games?


I talk about File Folder Games a lot and some people have asked about them..

What are they?

File Folder Games are just what they sound like.. Games made out of file folders. They can be as simple or as complicated as a person desires. They are geared towards mostly Elementary aged children but can be made for an older child as well.

How do you get them?

You can get them online or sold in stores.. There are many websites that are dedicated to providing FREE file folder games.

Some websites allow you to customize your folders any way you like.

You simply print them out and assemble them.

What do you use them for?

We use our file folders as “busy” work for school. We also use them when introducing a new concept. They are also great tools in aiding memorization. Some are even great just for playing!

How much do they cost?

Ive found the average cost of the file folder from purchase to the final product (including laminating, velcro, etc) is around $1.50. Considering they can be used for multiple kids, that is one heck of a bargain! 

Do you have to use velcro?

No. You do not have to use velcro. You dont even have to laminate them if you dont want to. But, the laminating makes them last longer and the velcro helps you keep up with the pieces! Most folders suggest adding a pocket to the folder. I have used both methods and prefer the velcro method as the pieces can easily fall out of the pockets.

Can you buy them pre-made?

Good question! Ive personally never seen them to be sold pre-made, but I suppose some place offers them. A quick search popped up Phonics File Folder Games from Janelle Publications which offers some pre-made folders.


Here are just a few of the FREE File Folder Games that the kids have!! My only cost was printing/laminating and the velcroe used to hold the pieces on. (I printed all of mine in Black and White and did the colouring myself to save even more money)

“Squirrel Stash”

This is a favorite of Kaias.. The squirrels are each labeled with a number. The acorns are labeled with a number word. The player must match the number word to the number.. 


The “Apple Sizes” file folder has a pocket; thats the little white square on the right.. I have recently added velro to this one.. Now the pieces can be stored where they go.. For this one the player has to match the apples based on their sizes.. To take it a step further the folder can be closed and the player must line the apples up according to their size.


“Krafty Koi” is a favorite of mine. Some of the fish on the front are permanently attached and others are velcrod.


The object of this one was supposed to have the player make the fish “eat” the larger number in order to learn Greater than/Less than…

The lamination makes it dry-erase and I can use the white squares to write letters, numbers, shapes, or even colours for the fish to eat. When the picture below was taken Losh had been working on the letter “A” so his goal was to make all of the fish eat the letter “A”.

With this one the possibilities are endless.


Greater than/Less than










“Two letter Tulips”  is a fairly new one. The goal is to match up the tulips from the bag to their matching partner on the folder.. Since this picture I have added velcro to the tulips.


These are only a few of the FREE ones we have and as you can see there are tons of ideas out there for FREE File Folder Games

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